Thursday, July 9, 2015

Independence Day

I saw the fireworks.  I haven't seen fireworks in so long, never really getting out and definitely not feeling Independent.  I was amazed.  While most American's celebrate the 4th of July as being the United States of America, and no longer part of the British Empire, I spent my 4th of July becoming Independent of unsafe access.  I am now safe access accessible.

Where I'm from (Atlanta, Georgia), there are very strict laws against cannabis and everything else.  It's sad.  Hemp, which was once mandatory for people to grow had become illegal and most of the states in the USA and is highly illegal where I come from.  For having one ounce of marijuana in Georgia, you risk being charged and convicted of a Felony Crime.  For a patient who has Multiple Sclerosis among other diagnosis, safe access is a must because cannabis works.

The reason why everyone doesn't know how effective cannabis is medicinally is because there are not enough people willing to disclose information about a crime that they are committing.  If it weren't criminal, then people would feel more apt to tell their amazing healing stories. It's sad, really, to make not decriminalize something that works and claim that the reason is not enough evidence when you know that evidence leads to prosecution.   But for those of us who have  safe access to the variety of strands that work for them, the effectiveness is amazing and astonishing.

The fact remains that it's not harmful to your health.  In fact, it's helpful for your health.  One of the things I've noticed is that cannabis helps with psychological issues and personality disorders, which is a great issue in society at large.  It also helps patients that experience chronic nausea, lack of appetite, seizures, tremors, chronic pain, have cancer, and more.  So why is it so tabboo?  I think it's because people can actually be calm and able to heal themselves, and the government wants nothing to do with that.  Growing industrialized hemp could even change the air we breath into healthier air.  It helps with air quality like other plants and herbs do.  It's not "dope" in the sense that it's drugs.  Cannabis is a natural plant that grows from GOD's creation.  In Denver, where I am right now, even recreational cannabis is legal and people seem to be a lot happier. This is pretty neat, and non risky.

I feel as though I have finally experienced my independence just by being in a place that has more freedom.  I'm taking Multiple Sclerosis by the bullhorns and dragging it the way I want it to be, which is going in the direction of healing. We've touched base with a new friends along the way and are going to learn as much as we can about this old phenomena of the healing benefits of all organic diets, absolutely no gmo's, absolute peace, gardening and farming, non evasive or pill/syrup based medications, use of herbs and plants such as rosmary, sage, lemon balm, cannabis, ie organic healing treatments, and more of what GOD intended.  I honestly believe and know without a shadow of a doubt that if you just let go and let GOD, he will do it for you. I'm now in an area where I can do that and not be charged for it and treated badly. At least one level of my anxiety has begun to let up.

I met a miracle woman.  She's a kindred spirit and a familiar one.  Anyway...Spirit is moving rapidly and I'm putting my faith in my community to help me out with my #Write4MSAwareness Funding project.  My husband and I have been accepted into her organic living and healing house where MS patients are welcomed and cared for as well as cancer patients.  It costs to be in this house, and I need assistance, but not one person has donated to it.  That is depressing in itself, but yet I'm out here sharing my experience so that someone else, if not me, can be helped.  I will find a cure.  I may need help from time to time because I am a disabled WORLD citizen and this world isn't easy to go up against all alone.

I knew Atlanta, GA wasn't going to be a place of healing for me.  I knew that the only job prospects for my husband would be in Colorado, and right now I'm not getting any financial assistance for my daughter from her biological father who is also out of work. In Atlanta there is too much stress like the fact that my landlord, Bless Her, made me go in half on pest control instead of just paying for it and also wouldn't fix plumbing issues I reported in January 2015, making me have to walk further to wash dishes and risk (which I did) breaking dishes and getting cut or dropping items because it's too heavy or having to take extra trips to and from the kitchen to the nearest sink.  My house was killing me because the stress of it is too much.  It takes a whole team of people not to make me freak out at life, and they do so it's a very enviornment wherever we are as long as we are not under attack.  And that house was attacking us and eating us alive.  I've never been able to use the blow dryer or hot curls in my bathroom or....any bathroom, as the outlets don't even work but yet in still...we don't complain.  We have never been able to use the tub in the downstairs restroom and yet we don't complain.  And I had to leave stuff in the house because I'm on a fixed budget and moving takes time and money and it has to be done slowly but she wouldn't give us one day.  Everyone said this and that but we just left like she asked us to.  I have it in writing.  She goes weeks not calling us back to follow up on things and yet she can't wait a few weeks to hear from my family because i'm too stressed to deal with things and these are my things.  42 years in Atlanta and this lady won't let me get my things.  I've only been late on my rent three times in three years but hey, business is business and at the end of the day a disabled world citizen isn't worth a hill of beans to most.

So I left.
I didn't leave for good,
My teenagers are away for the summer with their fathers and my oldest stayed behind with his fiance who's expecting my first granddaughter.  We've got a girlfriend and her little princess who are in Atlanta, too.  Life is so fresh and crisp right now, and this is the time to have the right to have a healthier and happier way of life.  I pray this summer proves to be a new beginning.  I'm here in Colorado to establish ourselves and to begin healing from everything. Everyone comes to Colorado for different reasons but I'm here to work with this woman and to learn what she has to teach us, and to grow into something even more beautiful than before. I hope other's share this journey with us....and that they have their own true Independence Day ...some day.

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