Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Day 11

Incredible. I lost a great love yesterday. It was taken away, actually. I think it was love. Whatever it was, it hurts. I'm so thankful that everything wasn't taken away. It's day eleven, and I thought surely I would not make it today. But I did. I'm stronger even in my weakest moments.

So stress escalates MS relapse occurrences. Today I've tried to zone out as much as possible. I watched TV. I played with the animals. I had to get refills of my treatment and I'm cutting back on doses so that I will be able to afford this. 4cc of Phoenix Tears and 12oz of tincture hopefully will last me for two weeks. The amount of pills I normally take to control my symptoms. I'm now more active than ever before. Mind over matter, this gives me life.

There is one other MS patient here. Rafael has been helping her as well. Being an experienced caretaker came in handy. I'm thankful to be helping other MS patients.

I'm tired. I'm happy but sad. I hope my sadness doesn't make me have a relapse. I'm trying to remain strong.

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