Friday, July 3, 2015

Imaginary Preggers

First of all let me say that I'm  not pregnant nor am I imagining that I am. But sometimes I appear as if I am. I am one of the people who suffer from constipation and irritable bowel syndrome. I also retain a lot of gas, and that is painful. I know it has something to do with diet, but its also a side effect of the medications I take. It's a coincidence that my back pain makes me hold my stance like a pregnant woman would. Now, some days my belly is regular size and I look "Beyonce Fine" (I've got these amazing birthing hips) and you'd never know that I'd been any way else. It's a struggle.

" Because multiple sclerosis interrupts or slows the transmission of signals to and from the brain, the electrical impulses to the muscles that are involved in emptying your bowel can become disrupted." Says Web MD ( )

The painful reality is that sometimes the constipation is so severe that my stomach cramps, twists, and turns #CharlieHorseStyle. But lately, I've also had bouts of diarrhea. I've also been suffering from loose bowels. Pretty much all if these ailments happen I'm addition to each other. Currently I'm hoping to not get hemorrhoids from too much wiping with toilet tissue (I'm out if wipes...I know, tmi).

I don't like looking pregnant and the back pain is something I could really do without. I understand how necessary it is to have a proper diet. I've come to know a woman named Frankie who will be instrumental in teaching me about proper nutrition for my Tribe. She even knows about healthy foods for dogs. I love her spirit and I feel like she's really on to something huge. It's gonna cost to eat right, I know... But I really want to be healthy and happy. Health is wealth.

I also know my spine alignment has something to do with it. My Chiopractor, Dr. Sherra Conde, treats these symptoms via alignments and though the treatments are costly, they have great results. Im going to raise enough money to get her treatments. My insurance does not cover it. Diet, exercise, and holistic treatments are the direction I want to go in with my health. I want to decrease medications and go a more holistic route. It's my right.

So though I'm not preggers, I'm imaginary preggers. If you see my with a swollen belly, its because I have Multiple Sclerosis and somethings not quite right on my insides. It's okay. Yes, its painful but also yes, I'm making it. I won't give up on myself. Today will be the day I take a stand against MS The Monster and begin to take my life back minus all the MS crap. That's my pledge.

I write for Multiple Sclerosis awareness, a cause that's so close to home its scary.


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