Saturday, July 18, 2015

Day 14

I walked in mountains. It was my first mountain in Colorado, in the same week that my life took a hit personally. It was like being pushed from a mountain, honestly, and I fight very hard everyday to maintain my composure. But I cry myself to sleep and pray a seizure doesn't decide to pop up on me. Relationships are scary for a patient who has Multiple Sclerosis. Relationships are scary for me.

This is the 14th day I've been without meds. I found out today that my doctor mailed me my prescriptions, and now I can  call my insurance company and get on the ball for a vacation override so that I can fill my prescriptions here. It's not safe to be completely out of meditation regardless of how organic you are going and to be a person with a chronic illness in another state without emergency meds is not a good thing.

I'm super sensitive now. Could be 14 days off of meds gives withdrawal symptoms? I know Xanex is a real buttkicker and so that buffer is gone. All buffers from meds are gone. How does that affect the central nervous system? Does that make me super sensitive or is that my nature? I'm putting an analysis on it all.

I'm thankful even so...14 days is an accomplishment. Reminds me of once upon a time before MS. Those were the days!

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