Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Emotional Support

I'm fragile at best. Not being able to bare children anymore, my dogs are my babies. For now. Seems lately i've been struggling so much with being able to care for them since I don't have a vehicle anymore. My emotional support dogs Koche (my 6yr old chihuahua) and Spanky (my 8yr old Boston Terrier) are my road dogs. They love me and I love them.

I support my family and my dogs are family. The cost of pets can be costly, but at least pets appreciate what you do for them. They don't complain much. They show true loyalty. They invest a lot of time being true friends to their families. They are sensitive to harshness, but respond well to kindness. A dog is said to be man's best I more than feel thankful for having two.

Today has been stressful. Packing and unpacking and repacking. Spanky and Koche are trying not to be too anxious. They have brand new matching crates and are active again with leashes. Fresh grooming,too. It's hard sometimes, but they are my emotional support.

Making new moves. Can't understand why government won't allow more testing on alternative means of MS treatments other than pills and elixirs prescriptions. Id wven be willing to try acupunture, hydro therapy, any anything else that isn't made in a lab of some sort.  The main reason they don't have enough data on medications is because laws prevent people from opening up and sharing info or people can't afford them due to insurance not covering fees. I hope to change that. I hope to keep shouting from the rooftops about MS. This is my body and I should have the right to do to it what I wish as long as its not hurting others. My GOD given rights are being denied and so I suffer more. My quality of life has been compromised for too long.

I pray MS gets more treatments that work and that nobody will have to suffer like me. I pray for the best and hope to continue to write 4 Multiple Sclerosis aka MS.

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