Sunday, June 28, 2015

Who's hurting for me?

1:26 am. This is my quiet time supposedly. But it's not. I'm an insomniac with chronic pain. Who's hurting for me tonight? He's tired and worn out from everything. She's stressed and fearful of the next moves. And I'm in the middle knowing there nothing I do to make anyone's situation better as I struggle with pain in my legs, paranoia from sleeping in a different room, fear because I did not have my familiar things around me, and so much more.
Yet I want to be everyone's answer to their prayers of needs and wants, desires and requires, and all the in between. We all hurt for me.

9:45am All is well with the universe and I have to know that. If not the panic of it all will fail my health. This...ugh...can't even have normal emotions because of this MS. But all is well in the universe, and I have to know that.

Meditation begins...

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