Thursday, June 18, 2015

Video Blog June 18, 2015

So on my last video blog, it was apparent that I had some serious neck problems.  Granted, I'm a computer and cell phone head, but I had problems long before technology became what it is today.  I mean, just look here

and you'll see me whipping my head back and forth like Willow.  I feel tons better, and I just hope that things can continue with the good Dr. Sherra Conde.

Going to the doctor at a Spine Align Center of Atlanta under the care of Dr. Sherra Conde has been a blessing.  Her mission is in alignment with what I want, as shown here on the center's Instagram .  There are countless other testimonials from other patients like this one here .  This is a state of the art facility and I'm just glad to be a patient there.  I'm raising funds so that I can continue treatment at the



Atlanta's premier state of the art health facility that specializes in specific scientific chiropractic care that is gentle, safe and highly effective I honestly feel that with continued treatment, I can have a lot of the damage my body has gone through reverse, which means healing can begin.

I've had my digital x-ray already taken.  From what the doctor say, my spinal cord had about 60 years of damage done...and I'm only 42!   She took her time to explain how my x-ray told her about my body and some of it's ailments.  She assessed the problem and she immediately began adjustments and manipulation on my body.    That was the next thing. 

Torque Release Technique or (TRT) is a highly developed system of neurological analysis that allows our practice members to receive the most specific form of chiropractic care possible.  This advance technique has a proven system to get you quicker results than most conventional method of chiropractic care.  This pinnacle chiropractic technique requires the doctor is skillfully trained with special certifications.  The instrument associated with the TRT technique is called the integrator.  This instrument was engineered to deliver the least amount of force possible, allowing the practice member to finally receive a chiropractic adjustment without the fear of twisting and turning their necks, or hearing the normal clicking sounds associated with a conventional adjustment.  If Dr. Conde finds that a practice member would benefit from a different type of adjustment, then a specific, scientific adjustment is often a light pressure from the chiropractor utilizing the hands  to move a vertebrae back into place. This happens with a quick movement and is often without discomfort. Dr. Conde's adjustments are safe and gentle enough for the spine of a newborn baby to the spine of 100 year.  

Finally she sent me to the exercise room to begin my therapeutic exercise. By immediately spending time on her special exercise machines, my spine is able to continue to adjustment process.  And though the adjustments do make me sore afterwards, I can already see a difference, as shown in my video.   

Hopefully soon i'll be able to show my x-rays here and discuss exactly what's going on.  Be sure to Support MS Awareness and help me out a little bit, that would be appreciated if you can.  The link is here 

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