Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Excruciating Painful Gums feeling better

I suppose Carbamazepine works because since I've been taking it the excruciating pain has stopped. I thank GOD because just by researching the type of pain I was in allowed me to not go off the deep end. That pain was real for sure.

I've skipped two doses and the pain has stopped for sure, but just to be safe I will continue to take it as instructed three times per day. I hate having medicines in my body. Nothing, however,has ever prepared me for a pain so excruciating. If anyone has ever even had a serious nerve issue or tooth pain in the mouth they'll see why I continue to use the term "excruciating".

Two doses free for a bit (I definitely took my third dose), I felt the calmness of moments again. I cannot believe that something so excruciating painful even exists. Nobody should ever be in that type of pain ever. This is why I plan on continuing to research for natural nerve pain relievers. See... Carbamazepine only works for nerves in the mouth. The nerve pain I have in other areas are not affected. How do they do that?

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Acid reflux and irritable bowel syndrome?

So I've heard doctor's mention IRATIBLE BOWEL SYNDROME and ACID REFLUX but I can only briefly dealt with doctors about it. But next week I will see a GI doctor about them. Denver Health is being awesome to me and so is Colorado.
   When I eat food, it feels like food is just built up and hanging around in my esophagus like it's gonna come back up. Sometimes I throw up in my mouth. And the food definitely isn't being digested well because I feel bloated sometimes even though I use the restroom.  Irritable bowel syndrome or IBS affects mostly women. Causes are unknown. IBS symptoms include diarrhea, constipation, and abdominal cramps. IBS treatments include diet and lifestyle changes and medications.  Before I started taking SMOOV MOVE TEA my bowel movements were not regular and we're sometimes rock hard and sometimes diarrhea like. But this time it's tricky. I'll tell you why.

I'm not on Smoov move so right now I'm only on pills. Nothing is flushing my sytem out if that's how it works.
  Also we all know Dizziness and vertigo are often earlysymptoms of multiple sclerosis. Lesions in the brain that result from MS can affect balance. This can causevertigo. The balance issues caused bydizziness and vertigo increase the risk of injury due to falls.

  Well even though I have this (dizziness), Carbamazepine has a side effects. Some of the more serious ones are listed on Web Md .
Anxiety, agitation, depression, restlessness, or trouble sleeping

Dizziness or drowsiness

Dry mouth

Mild nauseavomitingconstipation

Because this is new I could say it's on the Carbamazepine side effects side because all this time I haven't had dizziness in a long while prior to the new med and the vomiting was happening more on the acid reflux side after eating and this one is not.
  I'm going to go back on SMOOV MOVE as soon as I see a hint of Constipation though, just to be safe.


So by the title you can see that the topic is DIZZINESS. But what you didn't know is that it's me that's experiencing it. Upon waking up I get dizzy then I rush to the restroom where I pee and vomit. This is like one of those eating disorder movies. It's real, though. It's awful.

Tuesday, November 14, 2017


Dr. Brandon prescribed me Carbamazepine for the pain in my jaw/gums. I thank God there was something that could help. The excruciating pain that I was going through was mind boggling.

Carbamazepine has a lot of listed side effects but when I spoke to my other doctor she assured me that this was a good treatment.

Carbamazepine is used to prevent and control seizures. This medication is known as an anticonvulsant or anti-epileptic drug. It is also used to relieve certain types of nerve pain (such as trigeminal neuralgia). This medication works by reducing the spread of seizure activity in the brainand restoring the normal balance of nerve activity.

Now I have less pain. The pain isn't all the way gone but it is manageable. I'm making sure not to eat anything that is too hard for my teeth. I can tell once I have low Carbamazepine because the pain comes back. I think I'm.hoing to also see another Dentist because I'd like a second opinion.

I have a MRI scheduled for November 29th. I have to get blood drawn prior to that to ensure that the contrast MRI is fine  for me.

Monday, November 13, 2017

More nerve pain - Trigeminal Neuralgia

My gums made me want to physically pull every tooth I have in my mouth to avoid anymore pain, especially the bottom row. But...this is not a dental issue. It's a nerve issue stemming from my right temple to my lower right jaw throughout my gums. I feel like it's killing me. I've had Bursts of tears so forceful that I feared my head would explode. Loud sobbing and even near screaming. It's horrible. For hours my gums hurt, it hurts and I keep putting ambesol in my mouth, I brush my teeth with a soft brush with organic toothpaste, I take Tylenol, and a heating pad. I even more weed. I'm feel like I'm about to pull my hair out...but I won't because All of this is very temporary.

Trigeminal neuralgia is a kind of nerve pain which can give stabbing or burning sensations down the side of the face, usually on one side only. The pain may only last a few seconds or minutes but may repeat many times during an attack. For some people the face pain is present all the time. Trigeminal neuralgia can be excruciatingly painful.

Trigeminal neuralgia is more common in multiple sclerosis than in the general population and can be confused with dental pain. If you are experiencing these symptoms, you should be assessed to see if it is a symptom of your MS especially before you consider any major dental work. The dentist says it may be MS related.

The pain can be triggered by every day activities such as eating, shaving, talking or by being out in even a light breeze. Noticing any triggers can help you manage the pain by avoiding them where possible. Treatment is usually with a drug called carbamazepine to begin with. If drug treatments are not working, surgery may be an option.

I'm going to call my Dr and/or nurse this morning to see what can be done about this. I'm going to specifically ask about carbamazepine because this is no way to live and I've got to be here. I want to be here. I'm fighting to live. Please support MS awareness.

Saturday, November 11, 2017

The story behind my left knee

There's a spot on my skin right above my right knee that itches and burns so bad that I want to dig into my skin. No matter how much I scratch it, or put cool rags on it or whatever I can think to sooth it,  it still continues to itch. But there's nothing there. Doctors cannot find anything wring with it. Well... technically there are nerves there. I have a disease of the central nervous system so anything goes, right?
  It's common for people with MS to experience strange sensations (also known as dysesthesias). Itching is one potential sensory disturbance of MS. It's different from allergic itching because it's not accompanied by a rash or skin irritation. If itching is mild, no treatment is necessary. It also hurts,
  Mine is more than mild, but I choose not to medicate with pharmacy meds for this. I just try not to scratch as much (i rub instead). And I make sure the area is clean, and I pray alot. I have a plan.
  Medical marijuana has been shown to ease the symptoms for those who suffer with neuropathic pain.  Neuropathic pain is a specific type of pain that has usually resulted from irritation or damage to a nerve. Some of these strains are Chem Dawg, Super Silver Haze, Super Silver Sour Diesel Haze,  and AK47 (there are others as well).
  See, things can be treated naturally if you have the money to be able to either grow it or purchase it. It's one's choice on how they choose to medicate. We don't always have to go with what a doctor prescribes if something natural and organic can do the same justice. I live in a state where I can grow six plants or more so I'd like to grow one of these strains if possible. I've tried some of these strains and they do help.


Thursday, July 27, 2017

GTAONLINE and the Trap Militia - Making Moves

This is my broadcast. I have a PS4 and I play GTAV. I play GTAONLINE with my crew to raise awareness for Multiple Sclerosis.

Multiple Sclerosis messes with one's motor skills, vision, coordination, and more. By playing gtaonline, I am able to practice using those skills and when I am having difficulty, my crew carries me.

This may seem silly to some but for me it challenges me every day and is a way of team building. Some of my clients play the game with me and we talk biz. It's great.

Follow me on youtube and follow the #supportmsawareness movement.

Sunday, July 2, 2017

The Relapse: RRMS and how it affects me

From May-June 2017 I was in a Multiple Sclerosis relapse. For an average of thirty days I progressively lost use of my right hand. I'm better now, by God's grace. My heart goes out to all MS patients and the ones who care for them, the families who are affected by it, and especially those newly diagnosed. It's one hell of a ride fighting this monster but it's doable. I decided to use my left hand.

Decisions,lol. My left hand wasn't close behind the right considering I'm right handed. I had to LEARN to use my right hand and when I tell you it was challenging...whew, it was.  But I did it. I couldn't write but I could feed myself after practice (until then hubby fed me or I ate finger foods). With an auto immune disease/chronic illnesses such as Multiple Sclerosis, if course my panic anxiety was on full blast and so was my depression. I panicked because I was unsure of what else was going to "go out".

I'm now on Gilenya since May 24, 2017 (a disease modifying drug or DMD) that is said to slow down the progression of Multiple Sclerosis. So far I have not felt horrible like I did with Rebif, the old dmd I took. I take a pill instead of injections like before but I still long to be med free like I was prior to the relapse.