Saturday, January 13, 2018

Pain is back in the interim

This head pain has come back.  Head massage helps but it comes and goes still.  I hope it's gone by March when I see my neurologist again.

A friend asked what I do to rid the pain.  Since the head massage is only temporary, I really don't know how to answer that question. I'm still trying to figure it the solution. I hope I find more permanent relief. Trigeminal Neuralgia and overall head pain is no joke.

Pain is gone after neck massage

So...Lord knows I've been suffering but low and behold the Carbamazepine and neck massage has my pain gone.

When I went to the doctor she suggested massage. I didn't think it would work but it did. She said the muscles near that nerve were very tense and massage would help. I put myself on a relaxation regime with zen music and I also tried a hot shower. Any relief of pain is welcomed by me. Yes!

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Dr. Agrees its Trigeminal Neuralgia

I went to one of my doctor's today and she agreed that the stabbing pain in my head is caused by the Trigeminal Neuralgia I've been dealing with since November 10th 2017.

Trigeminal Neuralgia is really getting on my nerves... literally. Now that I know what it is definitely, I'm going to monitor if Carbamazepine is helping any. On the way home I noticed that every bump in the road gave me the stabbing pains. Doc says I need to massage the base of my head and my neck to get some of the tension out because I must have jerked my head in the wrong way to cause it to flare up again (which is true).

I have had no headaches so that's good, just the periodic stabbing/shooting pain. I'm glad that a lot of doctors know about Trigeminal Neuralgia or at least have heard of it.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Stabbing head pain

All day I have had periodical periods of time when I have this stabbing pain in my head. The pain is in the top and back of my head. It seems to hurt moreso when I'm sitting or standing up. Right now I have just taken a Carbamazepine and am laying down listening to soothing zen music.

Music is very therapeutic. Though I'd rather be watching videos (another one of my therapies), I'm glad to have a rest from pain.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Latest MRI explanation; right sided

  My latest MRI showed evidence of a prior lesion in the area of my brain that is consistent with my right hand issue I had Summer of 2017( ). It's amazing to me how the brain functions even with the flaws in mine as well as equipment used to scan it. I'm humbled.

The MRI scan did not see evidence of the Trigeminal Neuralgia though, so perhaps that was a one time thing. Initially I thought that condition was due to a medication but now I've been assured that it's just a part of having MS.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Excruciating Painful Gums feeling better

I suppose Carbamazepine works because since I've been taking it the excruciating pain has stopped. I thank GOD because just by researching the type of pain I was in allowed me to not go off the deep end. That pain was real for sure.

I've skipped two doses and the pain has stopped for sure, but just to be safe I will continue to take it as instructed three times per day. I hate having medicines in my body. Nothing, however,has ever prepared me for a pain so excruciating. If anyone has ever even had a serious nerve issue or tooth pain in the mouth they'll see why I continue to use the term "excruciating".

Two doses free for a bit (I definitely took my third dose), I felt the calmness of moments again. I cannot believe that something so excruciating painful even exists. Nobody should ever be in that type of pain ever. This is why I plan on continuing to research for natural nerve pain relievers. See... Carbamazepine only works for nerves in the mouth. The nerve pain I have in other areas are not affected. How do they do that?

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Acid reflux and irritable bowel syndrome?

So I've heard doctor's mention IRATIBLE BOWEL SYNDROME and ACID REFLUX but I can only briefly dealt with doctors about it. But next week I will see a GI doctor about them. Denver Health is being awesome to me and so is Colorado.
   When I eat food, it feels like food is just built up and hanging around in my esophagus like it's gonna come back up. Sometimes I throw up in my mouth. And the food definitely isn't being digested well because I feel bloated sometimes even though I use the restroom.  Irritable bowel syndrome or IBS affects mostly women. Causes are unknown. IBS symptoms include diarrhea, constipation, and abdominal cramps. IBS treatments include diet and lifestyle changes and medications.  Before I started taking SMOOV MOVE TEA my bowel movements were not regular and we're sometimes rock hard and sometimes diarrhea like. But this time it's tricky. I'll tell you why.

I'm not on Smoov move so right now I'm only on pills. Nothing is flushing my sytem out if that's how it works.
  Also we all know Dizziness and vertigo are often earlysymptoms of multiple sclerosis. Lesions in the brain that result from MS can affect balance. This can causevertigo. The balance issues caused bydizziness and vertigo increase the risk of injury due to falls.

  Well even though I have this (dizziness), Carbamazepine has a side effects. Some of the more serious ones are listed on Web Md .
Anxiety, agitation, depression, restlessness, or trouble sleeping

Dizziness or drowsiness

Dry mouth

Mild nauseavomitingconstipation

Because this is new I could say it's on the Carbamazepine side effects side because all this time I haven't had dizziness in a long while prior to the new med and the vomiting was happening more on the acid reflux side after eating and this one is not.
  I'm going to go back on SMOOV MOVE as soon as I see a hint of Constipation though, just to be safe.