Tuesday, June 9, 2015


I got a repost by Dr. Sherra Conde, a celebrity doctor in Atlanta, Ga. that did a spine adjustment on me yesterday in Atlanta.  My ex-rays were pretty bad and I wasn't too happy about the diagnosis.  She explained a lot, took extra time to teach...and I am certain GOD sent her to me  by way of my husband who signed me up for a free adjustment.  I'm thankful and blessed and will tell the world how she helped me.  

Here's the repost

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So many people share the same story and same struggle and frustration sweet@deartrapmary Here's her testimony "Makes no sense. I wasn't born this way and I don't know how I got here, nobody can tell me how it happened, nobody knows too much about it, there were/are very little preventative measures, I cant afford the treatments that work to keep me healthy and comfortable, the pain alternative is illegal so I am prescribed prescription pills and there is no cure. Support MS Awareness. Please write letters to your government officials to#legalize medical #cannabis and and allow qualified patients access to grow their own because thats mire affordable and please support my @AtticaLundyCooper 's #Write4MSAwareness@OnTheRiseMag Fundraiser by #repost, by word of mouth and doing your own research, by donating anything (even change) via paypal to DearTrapMary@gmail.com or on the http://supportmsawareness.blogspot.com, and by praying for a cure for me. Ugh...I hate pills. : ( " #naturalhealing#healthiswealth #healthgodsway#knowledgeispower #spinealigncenter
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I've got to make a move out of here.  Keep me in your prayers.  

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