Thursday, July 16, 2015

Day 12

Still no meds. I called Dr. Stappenbeck to ask for a prescriptions, but I'm not getting word back on if I'm getting the prescriptions or not. Meanwhile, I'm still trying to get through the loss of a close relationship and running out of meds is not wise. I took a leap of faith in coming out here to try alternative treatments, but never expected to not have access to prescriptions if needed.

The problem with America is that it's all about the money. For me to even have to leave Georgia for safe alternatives was and is ridiculous. I will be going back soon but still, I should be able to be free to have access treatment anywhere I go. It's up to me and people like me to continue to vote for our GOD given rights.

Today Rafael and I put up a bird Aviary outside. Barbed wire, steel poles...its going to be beautiful. Healing House teacher says its good for us to finish projects together so that I can learn with support. I find that it works both ways, the support. I'm learning some things and am seeing how I could do things better. Being out here allows me a lot of time for reflection. It's good for the soul.

I miss my daughter terribly. I'm doing this for her so I can have energy to do things with her.

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