Saturday, May 7, 2016

Concerns about Gabapentin

Dr. Sheldon reiterated that I needed to take the Gabapentin medication that I've been prescribed. I’ve heard many times before at office visits that this prescribed the drug for me would be ultimately helpful.  I was first prescribed Gabapentin in Atlanta Georgia and I have a lot of the bottles because every time they put me on pills I pretty much start getting paranoid when I read all of the side effects.

Well I promised Dr.  Shelton in front of Mallory that I would take these pills and I will try to remember to take them so that they can work.  Last night I took the dose as promised.  Dr. Sheldon says that I can take Gabapentin with Elavi (my depression medication)l and she feels that if I take the Xanax I only need to do so in extreme cases. She wants me off of Zanex.  Last night I took Gabapentin and Elavil so that I can go to sleep.  I already have problems going to sleep with the phobias that I suffered with on my way to sleep and as  I started to doze off I began to become frantic in my mind. I kept thinking that I was about to die I kept clinging to my husband so that at least be i’d be with him if I slipped off (passed away) because it really didn't feel good.  He was sleep, and I was having a full fledge SEVERE panic attack.  At one point I felt like I couldn’t breath, but then I just succumbed to the medicine. This  morning I was happy to be alive.

My mind was on the conflicted discussion I had the other day.  It was pretty intense. Whoever I was during that whole fiasco isn’t who I want to be.  Typically  I never really speak like that anymore, so it troubles me.  Then I decided to look up the effects of Gabapentin.  I'm reading this blog  and I Became extremely worried. The people on the blog said that Gabapentin is addictive they also said that the side effects are horrible as I read the side effects I began to notice some of the things that we're going on in my life since I've been taking Gabapentin. I've had severe constipation and so have other again Gabapentin uses I've had  my temper being really short fused  just like other Gabapentin users. AND so forth. I’m in no way trying to be difficult, but I’m really scared of this even though Dr. Sheldon said it’s not harmful.

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