Monday, May 23, 2016

Eating Raw Can Help Regulate Blood Pressure #45DayRawFoodDIetChallenge Day 4

Today I went to the grocery store to get veggies and fruit.  It's been a stressful day, DAY 4.  Day 4 came with a lot of dismay about food; what to eat, how to feel full, as well as doubt from the MS community that this can help us.

I took a blood pressure check today and I wasn't too happy about the results, but was very grateful that this is Day 4 on the right path.  #Gratitude .  I'm thankful GOD placed it on my heart to do this walk for MS Awareness AND Health Awareness because had I not, I may not have been prompted to do the blood pressure check and to do the research for it this soon in the challenge.  God Winks.

Immediatly I found this link and I am looking for more.

Also Mallory is no more. Now there's another ( I have her number), but I told her about the broken promise AND the scam from before and she's gonna make note that I'm going through the most and need some understanding from my doctors. I'm in a good place.

I did advise my challenge group that I needed encouragement and I needed them to participate and appreciated them for doing so. I'm happy.  We are all learning how to live healthier.

I do need kitchen equipment to assist me in the raw food diet lifestyle, so please click on the donate links and send a lil something to me, or do so here

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