Sunday, May 22, 2016

Taking the challenge

I'm happy about the #45DayRawFoodDietChallenge that I'm hosting.  Food is costly, but it means so much that my husband Rafael, our friends Bri and Chavon, our family Larry and Latreece (and Samantha, the mother of one of our sons) , and friends from all over are involved.

I'm spreading awareness about multiple sclerosis, and also health awareness all across the board.  Some of the MS patients are afraid and I get that, but during the spread of awareness I'm learning how similar I am to some people, so it makes me feel less alone.

So far, this is what I'm posting to people so that they know what I'm spreading awareness.

Walk with me.#supportmsawareness . For my walk I wanted to also#supporthealthawareness. That includes:
And more!

So follow my hashtag and see what I'm doing :) 

On another note my neck and back are killing me.  I'm less aggressive, so I think the gabapentin is out of my system.  I don't really know what my doctor will say about that. My husband is taking good care of me and I've been away from people that would annoy me. <3

Of course, it's not easy eating raw on a small budget.  While I am participating in the challenge, I am also challenged on what I can eat due to cost.  A friend of mine who has MS also says she tries to eat raw as much as possible but unfortunately it's not always affordable. I totally relate to it, so I am asking people to donate to me.  I can teach so much I think because I need this to get better, I think, along with the herbs.  Another MS patient just does not believe that diet can reverse certain conditions such as MS, and I'm convinced that it probably does. I'm happy. At least I have some people doing this with me.  I can't do the green smoothies with the leafs in my blender, so I have to get a better one.  

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