Friday, May 27, 2016

Gifts of the Universe

It's amazing all of the gifts of the universe
I knew today was going to be a really good day so far because I started off with a delicious fruit smoothie with protein.
I feel really good about taking advantage of this diet challenge because it gives me an opportunity to eat healthy with no judgement.
It gives me an opportunity to learn and to grow and to share and to independently take control over at least some aspects of my life
because my husband and I and opportunity to do something as a team
I mean truly we already live as a team we make this world happen for us together as a team
but it means a lot to me to be working on a project to be responsible for others and to be team leaders, and it’s awesome.  I couldn’t do this alone honestly and I’m nervous but The challenge  is to make food, to harvest food, and to eat food with someone it's nothing that I take lightly gifts of the universe.

Even with funding being low we were still able to meet our nutritional needs and pleasure our tastebuds, and that really means alot to me. And then today to top everything off to make it even better I walked into Broadway Smoke Shop and received this beautiful letter from my little sister Amanda accompanied by this beautiful help wallet waiting for me that goes perfectly with my big sized hemp dime bag purse.  Especially since I’m wearing my afro out. I feel amazing! I hope everyone else does, too!
DAY 8- #45DayRawFoodDietChallenge #gratitude #gifts

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