Saturday, April 25, 2015


I'm tired of making typos.  In 1997 I tested at 98wpm .  A year later I was at 124wpm.  The following year I scored at 136wpm. left hand is bothering me and i'm in typo hell trying to get by on the keyboard.  It's sad, limitations.  It takes forever to type and i'm like..... "this is not me"/.

But it is me.  It's ME, limitations and all.  It's me that has to type with two fingers or a pen if I can.  It's annoying.  It makes me sad.  It takes me all day to write one paper.  I can barely read my own handwriting.  This sucks.

I first noticed my left hand acting up while testing.  Then it was confirmed when I tried to type on my laptop.  I cried as I had to grammar/spell check the hundreds of red lines on my paper.  I'm looking for a talk to text app to assist me.  But this is hard and it saddens me.

Please donate and help me fund some of the things being on disability won't allow me to do. I really feel like massage therapy can help loosen up these tight muscles and damaged nerves.  Please help

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