Saturday, April 25, 2015

Brief Relief

I haven't posted lately.
It seems that with recent changes in my life came a bit of unforeseen drama to the twelfth hour. Its almost water under the bridge now, but the impact of stress in my life does a whopper on my system. I've been in a lot of pain, mainly from tension.

Also, my lack of reflexes on acknowledgement of "HOT" items such as the stove (ouch) and an iron ( yikes ) has lifted me from cooking and ironing. The wounds from the iron are healing, however my brain seems to think its more than a simple wound and has my entire left arm from fingertip to neck locking up, having spasms, sharp pains, knots, and more.
Thankfully the family has been helping me by giving me massages, but honestly my caretaker (hubby) is getting worn down. Its not easy keeping me comfortable. With him working full time now and having to see about me in his off hours and throughout the day (phone and text)...

We've been trying something new; there's a new family member that also acts as caretaker here things are working out well (extended family). We all take care of each other. that's the best thing about family. it took me awhile to trust her because my husband is all I knew in terms of someone that actually cares about me enough to put my health first, but she is wonderful. she helps prepare my meals is she really helps with the kids and we help with her child as really is a really good family situation and I'm happy. 

I'm hoping to begin writing again I'm using a voice app that helps me relay my thoughts into text so that's good. I've been writing this one since May 12th, 2014 so I guess is about time to go ahead and publish and then I'll try to be more forthcoming with my posts since I do have this voice app. I love all of you very much for tuning into my blog and for following my progress and hopefully we'll find a cure for MS one day soon. 

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