Saturday, April 25, 2015


I dont know why this MS Monster has taken control over so much in my life. One of the biggest joys of my life is constantly being challenged... Motherhood.

  I'm a great mother. I've raised three children since diagnosed in 2004. Back then they were 2, 7, and 12 years of age. Fast forward the 22 year old is gone and "angry" because I can "do for him" like other parents can in terms of giving him free room and board and bitter because he had to help take care of the little ones because I got sick. The now 17 year old frankly is my biggest sympathizer but is also super ready to go to college and be on his own. He says he has always been under "us", and now he needs to "fly away and leave the nest".  That's making me sooooo sad, seriously.  My now 12 year old struggles with ADHD and her birth father constantly makes it known to me and to her that she should go live with him. He's unsympathetic to MS and to ADHD, and he makes me struggle to take care of her on my fixed income.  He won't pay his child support the way he should, so that makes it harder on me.  He wants me to get a job, but I am 100% disabled and each time I've tried my hand at the "work force", I've been sent to my bed in relapse. Seemingly I can only "work" for myself because at least I know my limitations.   So I struggle with what I have.   Because he has more money than I do, sometimes she wishes to go to him. Because I enforce rules that he does not, she wants to go live with him.  

This is nothing different than any other parent who is dealing with co-parenting issues.  Whenever parents are not together, there is a chance that children will try to turn one parent against the other.  


Being a mother living with MS isn't easy.  Please donate to my cause 

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