Tuesday, October 20, 2015


Now that I'm in Colorado, I had to move all of my things here.  Switching states with Social Security and Medicare and taking care essential as well as taking care of business at Human Services. I have to wait until November to see a medical professional but ateast its done. Still looking for housing. And now I have to figure out the children's insurance too.

There are places that allow low income families to rent, but they are hard to come by with the housing as it is. Over 1,000 people are coming into Denver, Colorado's airport every week, moving here. Real estate has gone up, availability has gone down, and homelessness is abundant. I hope to find housing soon before the snow hits.

Like many, I'm sharing housing with others. Its definitely not the peace that I need. Having to conform to others, its not an easy task. I know now that we have got to get assistance in finding the resources needed to find our way around the Colorado ins and outs. Already I'm having issues getting insurance for my kids in Georgia. I have no idea who can assist me, but I know I must find a way. Here it is 2:58am and my roommates have company and I can't sleep around strangers so I have to stay up. This can't happen again, though. I'm thinking on how to make things better for me, so I can be treated like a patient instead of a burden or a target.

I'm learning a lot about people along the way. Not everyone is as courteous as I am not is everyone as kind. It is the things we learn along the way that help pave our paths. I'm growing.

Fingers hurting as I type on the floor of our shared room, I'm trying to take this in, as well. My privacy issues have pretty much reached its pivot and I'm readying a change in my life. Discovering that some people live vicariously while expecting others too shocks me. I've never been so unthoughtful and yet I know others are. I was told the company needed to rest her eyes because she worked late but I know she came to see her friends, smoked with them, etc...she could have gone home  so guess what, she still has to. In the meanwhile, I cant sleep because the room isnt secure. Its 3:12am, but no sleep for me.  As of Nov 1st this place changes. It has to.

I'm tired of moving around. Transition and transformation is huge. Denver is the time and space for change for the better. Change will come.

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