Thursday, October 8, 2015

Migraine Pain Cap

 After having to get back on BC powder, needless to say I'm disappointed.  My sister friend Jameian and I   were talking about how bad our migraines were. For months I'd been looking at a product called the IceKap, and so when I thought about it, I sent her the link. I didn't think about it again for another week when I was outside my hotel room earlier today talking to a neighbor Jacqueline about massisve migraines. Its more common than not.

My conversation with Jacqueline brought up the fact that doctors will prescribe you sometimes multiple pills and/or several dosages just to keep the pain managed. She just went to a Colorado hospital for a few days of illness and they prescribed oxycotton for an upset stomach, severe abdominal pain, and no appetite! What are they doing to us? Smh

The concept of the ice kap is promising for patients like me and others like me who want no more pharmaceutical treatments and more of a natural organic alternative.It's made so you can Ice it For Migraines, Headaches, Hangovers, Chemotherapy, Cold and Flu symptoms, and  Concussions ( the Medical grade gel packs hold temperature up to 45 minutes). It is also made so you can Heat it for Muscle Aches, Fibromyalgia, Stress Relief, Chemotherapy, Cold and Flu symptoms (Medical grade gel packs hold temperature up to 45 minutes). The Ice Kap uses essential oil liniment, which is great. On my own, I've been dabbling around with essential oils. Peppermint seems to help with headache. I'd probably use that, as well, if its not included.

"How your Icekap works…

Icekap uses a combination of cryotherapy, aromatherapy and pressure therapy to treat symptoms. Cryotherapy is the general use of cold temperatures in medical therapy or the removal of heat from a body part. During a migraine the blood vessels in the head dilate causing pain. These vessels become swollen with blood and thus put pressure on the nerves surrounding the vessels. Both heat and cooling therapies use temperature manipulation to reduce migraine/ headache pain.

The use of cold therapy (Cryotherapy) is believed to cause the swollen blood vessels to constrict, thus reducing the pressure of the migraine/ headache pain. The use of heat therapy increases blood flow, increasing the amount of fresh blood, oxygen and nutrients to the head."

So what's the cost for non pill pain relief?
Icekap kit including 01 - Icekap - Small
Icekap $59.99, 02 - Essential Oil
Essential Oil $12.99, and 03 - Extra Gel Packs
$19.99 Total $92.97 Shipping $9.00 $101.97 Sales Tax    Grand Total $101.97

I totally think it's worth it. I'm putting it on my wish list.

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