Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Not Poppin Corn

I used to really enjoy popping popcorn when I was a young girl.  I didn't like the microwave bags; I prefered the ones that came in the tin pan and was popped over the stove top.  Now at 40 years old, I no longer like the word "poppin'", as I have been in need of popping or taking my pills (medication).  This month it has been zanex for anxiety, Temazepam for my insomnia and mind racing, loretab for my pain, and of course herbal remedies #homegrown #legalizeit .

I've tried to go back to work a bit.  Small doses.  It's really hard because people still don't realize that I am to be handled with care.  No need for loud fussing and all that stuff clients like to do, nor do they need to use profanity while speaking with me.  It's just a matter of training people on how to deal with me.


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