Friday, November 1, 2013

Hand Eye Coordination And The GTAV

I've been working on my hand/eye coordination.
Its been a long year and I'm so frustrated now because I am trying to teach my husband HOW to work with me when I am learning something. He didn't go to school for working with patients with disabilities so sometimes he forgets to listen to me and not be defensive. 

Anyway...I chose PS3 GTA5. I know that's a tall order, but I'm used to tall orders and I have always been a winner. My motor skills and hand/eye coordination are terrible now, and I'm frustrated because he is not a patient teacher right now. He used to be, though. He is going through a lot.
I wish I had a another friend who knew how to play that has experience working with MS patients or patients with motor skill problems. As much as I try to keep my care and training private, its not worth the consequential tension that comes along with it.

I will overcome all of the obstacles I face. Alone or with help. Having never been a video game person, its frustrating anyway. It would be for anybody. For me the stress of  not knowing how to navigate in the game causes me panic attacks, but it reminds ne of real streets, places,etc that I get lost in anyway..but the only way to get through it is to get through it.

My husband loves me so much. Its difficult to be caregiver AND spouse. I should know because I take care of him too, and that's not easy. We care for each other. Nurturing is a part of our relationship. As most MS patients know, therapy is important so I will be scheduling another marriage counseling session. We missed our last one due to miscommunication (that would have been our first session). I am a firm believer in preventative therapy. I want us to have therapy so that we can learn healthy ways to approach things at times when things get challenging and also because therapists keep things confidential and.our marriage is private.

Today I made new strides in GTA5. My caregiver is working with me, teaching me the game. I hope to accomplish learning how to read a map better.  I think the hand-eye coordination is not improving yet. I found a shooting range on the game and tried to do target practice but again...hand eye, short term memory, and more frustration. I ended the game early because by then it began to cause an issue with he and I. He doesn't understand that I am playing fir a cause...too overcome my obstacles that hold me back from playing harder in LIFE. Yes, I am going for rank but more-so going for learning how to do the life skills which include memory, technique, skill, hand-eye coordination etc.
Work hard. Play hard.

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