Tuesday, November 19, 2013

What Do You See

MS is a weird sort of thing.  It doesn't feel the same way from day to day.  One of the things I don't like about MS is that I never know if it's MS making me feel some sort of way, or if  it's me having a "regular" human experience.  One day, as it would seem, everything just sort of merged into thing big compilation of "ME" and "MS".  Yes, some would say "that's just in your mind".  To them, I say "my point exactly. 

Today I finished a load of laundry.  Granted, it's taken me since my husband's first off day to do this, so that was ....Sunday.  Sunday I sorted the clothes.  A delay in me completing tasks is something that has come to get on my nerves...but there it is.  It takes me FOREVER to get something done.  Was I doing other things?  YES.  But for some reason, I could do everything BUT the laundry, as if there was a mental block not allowing me to get to it.  It was very frustrating because often times I would think about it and then feel almost paralized to the point where if I just took my mind off the laundry, I could move again. No motivation. I'm not lazy.  I truly wanted to get the laundry done.  It's just a small load.  But since I couldn't get that done until just now (yay!!!), I did happen to make it to friends and family day at church, I was able to assist in my matchmaking group, I did a fabulous job with a regular monthly client who was happy to see more quantity (always a good thing when I can make magic happen).   I also landed columnist for our magazine ( a new brand debut).  I do what happens :) But I'm here.  I have to be thankful.  

Peace <3  

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