Friday, October 4, 2013

Quit Picking At ME!

It's funny.  My husband and children say I'm cranky.

Who wouldn't be if something was constantly eating away at your brain and your body was on a level ten pain?  But I try to grin and beat it.  It's not always easy, either.

I've been practicing YOGA.  I know I'm not doing all I can do for my MS, but I'm so paranoid about the medications they have out there, the most I can do is take Zanex when it gets too bad, partake in my "peace sessions", and take Lortab for the extreme pain...and that's not even working anymore.

I've been bruising badly.  Auntie Jackie (who I call Momma Jackie) says it's because I take asprin and also because I might be anemic.  I'll go see next week.  And I GUESS i'll go to my PCP, thought I'm not too fond of her yet.  It takes time to get to know a doctor and to feel comfortable with.

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