Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Talking With Strangers AKA Health Care System

I missed my appointment with Dr. Sheldon by 10 minutes yesterday and got turned away.  I went into severe anxiety and depression because she didn't even know anything about a letter for my service animal so that I can get into housing.  How can someone spill their entire guts to you and then you don't even remember that one of the main things holding them up in emotional turmoil is the fact that they miss their children and need housing asap?  How can you forget that you told them you could provide a letter? How can I trust her to medicate me for my conditions if she doesn't even know me, if i'm just another number on her file list.  I feel sickened. I hate confiding in strangers.  It's sad when you call your doctor a stranger, but actions speak louder than words.

Sent a letter to my temporary case manager, Geri.  :(

Of course the heat is totally making me weak.

So once I get the letter I should be okay to move.

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