Friday, April 29, 2016

Completely Tired

I spent the greater part of the day trying to get some things accomplished. One of the things that I wanted to do was to put some shows together, and though I was able to schedule the shows on the proper dates and even book talent for three segments,  I was not able to go any further. This is actually quite common and that's one of the obstacles that I face on a daily basis. Just trying to get activities completed is a struggle.  I found that because I'm having such a difficult time completing things, if I start them advance time even if I only get some of it done, I will have enough time to ask for help some.

Im exhausted.  I dont really get good enough rest, not because I don't have the opportunity,  but it's mostly because my mind races all of the time with new ideas or new worries all at the same time. It's so exhausting. I Don't Want To Miss A Moment Of Life and taking a nap to me WILL take me out of the game; at least for that time too.

It's funny, but before I even began the Cannabis treatment I had a fog about me. It's quite frustrating to get stuck in a thought process and just not be able to get the idea or even the right words out. I might not be able to figure out what I was just thinking about or even what I'm  supposed to be thinking about or where I was going with an idea.  Being confused a lot is very frustrating throughout the day because it allows others to have control over me, and depending on how confused i am, paranoia makes me have to second-guess a lot of stuff because it just doesn't seem make sense. The cognitive issues has really put a damper on a lot of things I find myself not wanting to take a lot of the challenges just to not become overwhelmed. 

As we continue to work on the On The Rise projects , I do have more hope. I want to continue to get the word out about people with MS and I want people to continue to understand that multiple sclerosis affects so many people in so many different ways, but we still matter whether we are fully competent or whether we are fully handicapped.   These are my thoughts for the day. I'm tired and hoping I can bring some money in. I want to go to massage therapy at least six times next month.

Please support MS Awareness.

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