Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The Difference Tomorrow Makes

Sometimes I just feel so down and out that I don't mention the difference another "tomorrow" makes in my life. Tomorrow means the world, because it means another chance at "it all".  For MS fighters everywhere, tomorrow gives hope for change. 

I'm an activist for "awareness".  I'm so grateful for my improving health.  This time last year, I was nowhere as healthy as I am now.  With my new awareness of holistic approaches to healthcare, I have a greater chance of keeping myself in remission.  Even though my nervous system is very sensitive, I am still seizure free, and even with everyday stresses, I feel as though the seizures are gone.  Even if they aren't, I'm still so grateful for today, and as I continue to spread MS Awareness and awareness of other health issues that disables people I continue to give thanks to GOD for his grace and for difference tomorrow makes. There is no cure for MS yet but one day "tomorrow" will bring about a cure not only for MS, but for everything that ails society. 

My walk with MS has been an interesting one to say the least.  Prior to MS, I was always on the go. MS has slowed me down a lot and made me more cautious.  I have to accept that though things are different, I'm still here. I'm still here to face any challenges I may have and to overcome them or at least be vocal about what is going on so that the next person may be helped.  I'm learning to be more selfless, because tomorrow (though it means promise) is not promised. I want to live until i'm 117 years old or older, but just for everything thus far, I'm every so thankful for the opportunities.  

People for the most part understand that I can no longer work full time.  I can't really work for anyone except for some clients every now and then.  My mind races a million miles a minute and though it allows me to start so many things, the completion rate decreases unless I have assistance. I have tried and sometimes I have good days and sometimes I have not so good days.  The main thing is not being shaky around people, not wanting to run back to my isolation.  After so much, the trauma I've suffered really did a number on me, but at least I have on the rise because with that i'm still able to make a difference. Last night felt so good to have three LUPUS representatives on our show The Blaq Hour.  One was a woman who lost her mom to complications of liver stemmed from lupus. One is an educator who is currently in a Lupus flare up on medical leave but anxious to get back to work.  One has had Lupus for over 17 years and has suffered almost complete organ failure as well as so many other things stemming from Lupus.  I fight hard to make sure that I provide a platform for health awareness if I can do nothing else.  I provide a platform for talent on the rise to get the exposure they need. All I ask for are donations for my MS fundraiser so that we can earn money to live.

The difference tomorrow makes is still yet to be seen by my eyes because it hasn't happened yet, but tomorrow i'll make a difference, too, and that'll make my tomorrow ever better. 

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