Sunday, February 21, 2016

Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Sleep Disorders, Chronic Pain, and Cancer

I'm tired.   But I'm here.

SO, I'm trying my best to be get the word out more as an advocate for safe access of the plant CANNABIS.  One way is by telling anyone that can hear me to stop calling it a drug.  It's not a drug, it's a plant. An herb.  A natural part of the earth's vegetation.  Not a drug.

I do not like that my children hear in public schools that marijuana.  LIES.

Dr. Allen Zubkin, who is Board Certified in addiction medicine in Florida, says that there is SOUND science that prooves that there are recepters for CBD (cannabidiol) in the brain.  CBD is a component in Cannabis.  So why would we have CBD receptors in the brain if it's not for us?

For whatever reason, Cabbabis is not legal in all states in the United States of America.  And it's so sad because every day someone new has cancer...breast cancer, at that. The same cancer that began the demise of my dear mother's life.  I'm sorry, but that's screwed up.  I try to tell cancer patients and family members of cancer patients the benefits of cannabis, but most of them can only focus on the "high" effects of THC, another component in cannabis.  But there are over SIXTY different components in the cannabis plant, people just need to research.

Cannabis not only helps with Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Sleep Disorders, Chronic Pain, and Cancer.

For more information on what the health benefits of cannabis, please connect with me in the comments below.  Because cannabis has not yet been made legal by the Feds in America, cannabis cannot be shipped to anyone via mail systems, so if one isn't in a legal state, they have no access.  I moved all the way from Georgia to Colorado for safe access.  People think they can't afford to come to Colorado, but if you get flight tickets about 2 or 3 months in advance, you can get them as low as $50 one way or $100 round trip.  You don't need tons and tons of baggage, it's not about wardrobe. Nobody cares if you wear the same thing every day, it's not about that.

I don't want to see anyone else die of Cancer or suffer from the medical conditions listed in the chart wheel above.  I'm doing my best to make a difference.  Let me.  Help by spreading the word.

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