Monday, February 22, 2016

Bumps along the way

I hit my head on the edge of a glass shelf and instead of me being able to calm down about that like I would have hoped, there's this elevated discussion on why I'm not sitting down in the first place, why I felt the need to get up in the first place, why I'm getting anxiety about this, that, and the other....meanwhile my frustration is coming in because I'm dizzy from the head bump and i'm trying to diagnose myself.  All this going on at once, within minutes.

Who wouldn't have anxiety, right?  But I'm not having anxiety.  I'm having frustration.  

I'm always grasping for moments.  

Welcome to my life, and my bumps along the way.  

I feel like a 3 year old who can't decide if she wants to get up or not and do things.  I specifically will tell anyone, I do things when I feel like doing them.  This time I felt the need to do something but for whatever reason instead of being able to heal from my bump, I have to deal with other stuff on top of my bump.  #icant #whocould #sooththebump 

When little kids hurt themselves, some adults begin to scream at them, making the situation worst.  Yes, they are supposed to stay out of harms way, but my thing is things happen.... Heal, don't add on to the pain.  I"m not a little kid, but the same applies to me, the MS patient who gets off balance and tumbles over or falls down or gets bruises and bumps.  And I get it.  I soooo get it.  I'm sitting here dizzy and thankful that I'm having a MRI in three days.  

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