Friday, March 27, 2015

What hurts the soul

I'm on edge. I've taken and witnessed too many losses this month alone all on top of each other...I'm trying to feel safe from unexpected stuff, because Lord knows my shock meter is on high. 
People promise they will always be there, but death cannot be avoided. But then, neither can life once activated. And in life we make choices.

Forgiveness is essential,  and even in my most anxious moments I have grasped wisdom. God's eternal love endures, as always .. To some, I don't even know what to say, having become the English language at least.

I'm trying to get through so many things all at once. And my thoughts won't escape me because I'm in too much physical pain to even begin to clear my mind. Or my heart. I want to get this out, what hurts the soul.

"Dear mom,
  I may not  have always liked you but I loved you, and I never would have left you. You may not have not  always liked me, but even though you loved me, you left. One time voluntarily and once when God called you home. I probably won't get over my abandonment issues until we meet again.

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