Thursday, March 12, 2015

Getting over it

Lately my tolerance level is bad. Little things trigger me into feeling sad or hostile or despair,etc. It's one thing to have racing thoughts, and another to have utter annoyances that darn near drive me  nuts. I'm trying to practice "getting over it" but in all honesty I'm getting fed up.
Like, one day I was playing a game. Someone wanted to play my hand so i said "sure". They scored lower for me then higher for someone else and I got sad and hurt I now get sad super quick or mad or scared or nervous.  I also have PTSD.  Anyway, because I could have played my own hand and got a better score, it actually hurt . I felt like I was wronged,  not on purpose but definitely directed in the wrong way. . Like normal and I noticed the scoring system.  It went all bad when my scores weren't what I wanted them to be, we played as a team. I feel "spoiled" because I get ready to throw a temper tantrum....not outloud but inside of my head. I have no patience for my friends. I really want time alone away from everyone because people can't help but to piss me off. Every little thing requires me practice "getting over it". My thing is, lets deal with it. Everyone says MS patients over-react but i think we react as we should and if anything we have to turn down and tell people what's really going on. Oh, and there is Xanax to save the day.....and I hate meds. But That's what people push us towards. "DID YOU TAKE YOUR MEDS", they ask. I want to reply "Yes, thank-you. Did you take Your meds?" But sadly most are not on meds, just overly judgmental.
MS has me super sensitive.  And people get mad when I'm sensitive so I'm learning to keep quiet and just let it drive me crazy inside of my head. 
Such is life of a MS-er

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