Sunday, January 26, 2014

My MS Fatigue ft Laura Kolaczkowski 's story

I was reading a blog post "Fatigue or Ordinary Exhaustion?" Posted by Laura Kolaczkowski—January 18th, 2014  And I found myself completely relating to the blogger.  Fortunately, I get enough rest because MS FATIGUE is quite exhausting.  As my life has turned to a new twist (realizing my dream), I must admit that I have slowed down.  This time last year, I was a burst of energy.  
  I wonder what I can do to "snap out of it".  My medication doesn't really help, as it is designed to slow me down anyway.  Staying calm seems to keep away serious relapses and most of the symptoms, and having a great support team allows me to fully function ( I do not have to drive, I do not have to do most things on my own, #marriedlife gives me full time help with the children, etc); however...MS Fatigue really is a drag.  My clients can appreciate the fact that they will not only be working with me, but with a team of professionals from my network that pitch in and assist for very low rates and sometimes even pro-bono!  I have MS, but MS does not have me.  

  When I have MS Fatigue, my family allows me to take a break and just rest/sleep.  Laura Kolaczkowski explained it best when she wrote     "Imagine you are in a deep sleep on your couch and you hear the smoke detector ringing in your house.  You stir a bit and then recognize what the offensive, blaring sound is coming from – oh no, you think, your house may be on fire and you should probably move, but you debate with yourself if you can muster the energy and you slip back off to sleep. That is fatigue – when you want to go, you know you need to go, and yet you can’t."  That's how I feel;I try to move during those MS FATIGUE moments, but just can't. It's a crazy feeling, best experienced during an impromptu nap, in my opinion.  And all other times, I go full speed, because that's mainly what I'm known to do.  Of course, if a smoke detector did go off, I would be up and out of the place...i'll crawl if I have to.  

 Read Laura's blog here 


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