Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Pain, Pain, Go Away

I'm hopeful about the new recently passed law in Georgia as it relates to our fight to legalize medical marijuana for MS patients worldwide, really. With my cognitive issues, I can't fully grasp what is going on, but I do know that the struggle is not over, yet.

It's enough to give you a headache.  Speaking of headaches, I'm so tired of having at least one every single day of my life.

The headaches hurt the most.  They make my eyes go blurry, even...and sometimes blind.  My husband gave me his laptop, which has a touch screen with zoom capability (yay), so it's at least easier to see if my vision is present.  My body pain is beyond imaginable, and I can't seem to NOT be snappy with people; but I'm trying to soften my demeanor.  With the amount of pain I'm in, my ability to deal with mediocrity, insufficient action, or anything else annoying is not very good.  But I thank GOD for my walk with Jesus Christ, and so I pray my way through this.


Sometimes I have to just make light of the pain that MS has caused me, but honestly it's not funny.  To wake up day to day in agony has been a hard pill to swallow.  At this very moment, my pointer finger on my left hand has a very sharp shooting pain in it, while my lower back is having spasms in it that hurt.  Also my elbow and shoulder blades hurt.  There's more, but I really don't want to continue to expand on all that's going on with me in the pain department, because there can be nothing done about it short of an one hour full body massage, which doesn't come easy nowadays.  Today, for instance, I've only been able to sit up no more than ten minutes without having to lay back down.  I'm working from the comfort of my bed today.  Everyone is around me, but nobody really COMPLETELY understands the extent of my pain.  My Chronic Pain. How could they understand that?  The MS Hugs alone are enough to drive anyone madd.

I have a supportive family, though.  Despite his own pain, my longtime caregiver/husband gave me a deep tissue massage tonight.  I feel so much relief.  If I could get that once a day for an hour, I'd be so thankful.  We're putting that on my list of must-haves.

I pray for all MS patients, and hopefully our pain will one day go away, especially if a cure is ever found.  Until then, peace, love, and light!

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