Thursday, September 1, 2016

Where I've Been

 I go to a trauma group on Thursdays <rolls eyes> so that's where I am, I have 28 weeks of it.  I'm a therapist that strongly believes in therapy and a lot of stuff has my mental off center so I'm getting the assistance that I need.  This assists with <sigh> panic anxiety disorder, social anxiety disorder, ptsd, depression, bipolar disorder, paranoia, and disassociation disorder. I have multiple sclerosis and sometimes because things are not in balance, it's gets like that.  And I live in America where PTSD is very common.  So my breakdowns are not just my breakdowns, but also the breakdowns of our environment.  We are the world. Anyway, I'm sorry I have not been vocal with most of you...but I will begin to contribute more to the mag and the radio soon---i'm just not supposed to while in therapy, is all.  I roll my eyes and sigh because GOD knows I love On The Rise and I hate not working.  I hate when things are stagnant because of what we stand for.  And yet between MS, PTSD, and this other crap I'm fighting to put the pieces back together.  Mental illness is nothing to be ashamed of, and it's nothing to be embarrassed to say I had a nervous breakdown and am working hard to get back to a more functioning Boss Lady Attica Lundy Cooper.  I've got a lot on my plate, honestly, and still manic as ever. And on top of that my feet are tingling and so are my hands. My legs tingle and so do my arms. My headache has started coming back. Anyway, I have to get on a plane this weekend twice so keep me in your prayers and my destination is a secret because of my paranoia BUT I am okay and hubby's looking after me and so is my medical team.

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