Friday, May 8, 2015

Food FOR Thought

What are some meals I can make without cooking besides peanut butter and jelly?  I'm not supposed to cook but i can't keep eating sandwiches and for me, cereal won't do because it cuts my mouth. I need to know what's gonna be filling so I can make myself quick meals when there's nobody to prepare meals for me.  I wait til like 4 or 5 in the afternoon to eat sometimes and that's not really good for me.  Need suggestions. #supportmsawarenss  #feelinghungry

I'll be honest.  My girlfriend was the one cooking for me mainly, and she still does sometimes, but she's not doing as much anymore. She's been really busy.   I'm not any less hungry, but I think she was getting overwhelmed or something...i'm not sure.  Doesn't matter why or what, just that I start back eating healthy.  I did get some assistance with food costs, now I need to know what to get and I need to know that i'm going to be able to get it regularly.  

Carrots are great, but I know they are going to hurt my already sensitive gums.  Fruits are wonderful and I know I'm going to get some avacado's as soon as I can get to a market.  I did a raw food diet one month ( RAW foodism [or following a raw food diet] is the dietary practice of eating only uncooked, unprocessed foods.  Depending on the exact philosophy or type of lifestyle and results desired, raw food diets may include a selection of fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, eggs, fish, meat, and dairy products ) and that was fun, so I may even go back to that.  It takes discipline, though, and right now I'm starvin so I'm not sure if that's gonna happen or not. 

I'm researching the right Multiple Sclerosis diet to fit my nutritional needs.  MS seems to be linked somehow to saturated fats and dairy products.  High omega-3 fat content like fist seemed to be linked to better health for MS patients like me.  Vegan diets with additional fish oils can be used to prevent relapses in MS. 


MS foods to avoid are:
  • Meat, including processed meat, salami, sausages, canned meat
  • Eggs except for egg whites
  • Dairy products; that is, avoid milk, cream, butter, ice cream and cheeses. Low fat milk or yoghurt is not acceptable. Cow’s milk and dairy products are best avoided altogether as the protein is likely to be as much of a problem as the saturated fat, given recent evidence. Soy products or rice or oat milk are good substitutes.
  • Any biscuits, pastries, cakes, muffins, doughnuts or shortening, unless fat-free
  • Commercial baked goods
  • Prepared mixes
  • Snacks like chips, corn chips, party foods
  • Margarine, shortening, lard, chocolate, coconut and palm oil. There is some debate about chocolate as it does have some good antioxidants, but most chocolate is also loaded with saturated fat, so it is one of the foods to avoid with MS. Cocoa, however, is a natural vegetable product with only a little saturated fat, and the occasional teaspoon in a glass of soy milk for example, as hot chocolate, is fine.
  • Fried and deep fried foods except those fried without oil or with just a dash of olive oil. It is important not to heat oils if possible, and if you want to use just a little extra virgin olive oil, the most stable of the oils, it is a good idea to put a little water in with it when frying to keep its temperature down. Things like fish and chips deep fried in, say, sunflower oil, are bad, in that the oil changes its chemical structure when heated in this way, and tends to be left in the vat for days, with all sorts of unpredictable chemical changes happening to the fats.
  • Most fast foods (burgers, fried chicken, etc.)
  • Other fats and oils
With that being said, The MS Diet consists of all vegetables, fruits, nuts, legumes, seeds, pulses, and grains (so most pastas, rice, wheat, oats, corn, barley, etc), fish and all other seafood, egg whites, and so on.  From these ingredients, one can make a variety of tasty, satisfying, and above all healthy meals.  

If anyone has a restaruant, or is a chef, or anything related to food and you need a promotional write-up or ad placement, please donate at least $25 and get a placement in ON THE RISE MAGAZINE.  We really want to support good nutrition and to find a cure for this horrible disease MS.  

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