Monday, September 30, 2013

I will whisper louder

In autoimmune disease, the body’s immune cells mistakenly attack and destroy healthy tissue. In MS, it’s the fatty protective sheath around the nerves; in type-1 or juvenile diabetes it’s cells in the pancreas that make insulin; in rheumatoid arthritis it’s tissue in the joint.

Currently, the main treatment is to suppress the immune system, an approach that can leave patients vulnerable to infections and cancer. There are shots that are intended to redirect the attack on cells by tricking them into attacking injected protein.  Still, these are "ATTACKS" and most everything that is out there to take has horrible side effects.

I'm still off the shots.  I removed myself from that treatment therapy in 2009 after a MS relapse almost made me lose my kidneys, and the shots did not stop it from getting as bad as it did.

I hope there is other treatment.  I ignore my MS a lot because my caretaker is also my husband, and no matter that I trust him the most, it's sad to see him have to live with my reality, too. I hope to find another caretaker in the future to give him some time to just enjoy having a wife (not a patient).

The pain is on my right side (the same side that went paralyzed in 2004) .  I can't really get a full body massage because my husband has now began to be in a lot of pain, too.  I sometimes wonder if he has MS, too, or if he is just experiencing some of my symptoms (we are incredibly close and have a really tight bond), or if he has something altogether different going on.  We are each other's caregivers and really always have been.  But this pain is too much for me to bare too much longer without repeated relief, which is what my prescribed treatment was since I'm no longer on all of the meds.  I'm supposed to have intense massage therapy to keep me out of most of the pain, but now I feel helpless.  I often cry when I'm alone, just to get it out of my system (the frustration).

I feel like my condition is getting a little worst right now, so I want to make sure I blog while I can still type.  Nobody knows what the future holds.  I hope mine is one that's still happy and loving, just not so much pain.

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