Sunday, January 17, 2016

The Healing Aspects of Osha Root

When I first heard about Osha Root, it was from a clerk at Artemisia and Rue herb shop on Broadway Street in Denver.  I went in to ask about what I could take for the recent bronchitis scare I was experiencing.   The clerk told me how potent it was, and so I was eager to get some.  I purchased the herb with some others, and hurried off to begin treating my ailments.

To my joy, the Osha Root helped!  My husband boiled it for tea and the two of us began nursing ourselves back to health naturally once again.  I love it! This means no Thera-Flu or cough medicines.

Though I'm thrilled about my recent find, I don't want to pass on this information without giving you more information about it. It's a very strong herb that has been used by the Native American's in my part of the country for a long time.

This is a VERY popular herb and Native American tradition assigns much therapeutic effect to this plant. Osha Root is a Native American herb, and so that's perfect for me because I'm of Native American decent.  This important Native American herb is a wild-crafted plant, found at very high elevations west of the Black Hills. Some people call this Bear Root and some people call it Snake Root.  It has a very strong odor, something like a spicy celery like scent.

For medicinal applications, this American Indian herb can be brewed as a herbal remedy for relieving respiratory disorders and fevers.

Osha Root can also be used to flavor traditional smoking mixtures.

In ceremony, pieces of the root are burned on the hot rocks during sweat lodge as part of Native American ceremonial smudging.

Osha might be safe for most adults.  However there is special precautions and warnings for pregnant women.  This herb is really strong.  For women pregnant or breastfeeding, it's unsafe to take Osha.  It might cause menstruation if you are pregnant and this might cause a miscarriage.  Avoid use.  It's not known if its safe to use osha during breastfeeding. To stay on the safe side, please don't use it during this time either.

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