Saturday, December 19, 2015

Lost And Found

I'm in a scary place, honestly. At times. I've not been seen by a neurologist and I don't know what's going on with me exactly, if anything.  I'm kind of in a fog but I'm still having to take the lead on my life, so not a lot is getting accomplished. My motivation is low.

I've spent time trying to get my children's medical needs squared away. Being out of town and away from them is difficult. Being low on funds and not having a home yet is difficult.

Been in bed all day on the one day we were at the hotel. Resting. Dreaming. People in and out but I cannot stop falling deeper into this hard mattress and deeper thinking about marketing lol. Today has been bittersweet... Got rest but I really do love being on Broadway, so I missed it lol.
My head hurts but still no pills. I refuse. I did have to take headache powder (I know, same thing) but no zans, no norco, no everything else. Solomente cannabis.

"You cannot want to heal yourself if you are not willing to do research". I cant pretend that everyone with MS that doesnt come to a safe access state doesnt want to be healed. Finances are a major concern. But if chemo was only available in some " legal" states, how many people wouldnt come then. I'm just saying. Priorities and mindset. As long as my kids are okay (and they are) , I'm going to continue to let GOD heal my body and mind organically. I'm in Denver where there is safe access and have already been blessed to be back in the smoke shop industry.

See..Its about glass, and we love glass. I support it. Glass has been instrumental in my healing. No needles.

Love and light, peace and blessings... Walk in faith.

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