Thursday, December 4, 2014

Misunderstandings lead to me feeling alone and misunderstood

Along with MS, I got Cognitive Dysfunction.  smh

Well, recently I got an email from a teacher and in my response,  I asked her for more clarification.  I can tell by the way that she responded she was being defensive. She doesn't know me, so I did advise her that I was an MS patient and I do learn things a little differently.  I asked her to bare with me while I asked for more clarification.  I feel like she thought I was pointing the finger at her, so I had to explain to her that all I wanted was to ensure that my child was not giving me excuses, I needed all the facts and details (because I'm not there in the classroom with him)- that is the only reason why I asked more probing questions.  I do that so I can fully comprehend, but people take it as if I'm interrogating them.  Thing is, if they are being honest, what does it matter?

I CONSTANTLY explain that I learn differently due to MS, and that I need more clarification. So this time, I was kinda hurt because the teacher didn't respond back to me.  And like most people, she may have gotten defensive.

I was told by a family member that perhaps I was the one being defensive.  I was shocked, and kind of insulted.  I can me asking questions equate to me being defensive.  Is that me being defensive or is that me seeking more clarification?  It's annoying that someone would assume that I'm defending my child when ALL I am trying to do is DISCUSS things????  True, I do defend my children a lot because I'm their mother and their protector, but obviously not ALWAYS and especially when I'm thinking my child may be not giving me all the info.

It hurts to always be misunderstood.  It hurts for others to assume what's going on without them trying to consider my side of things.  My memory is so short, and in order for me to comprehend things, it has to be drilled into my head.  I expect strangers to sometimes not understand me, but I'm trying so very hard to get my family members to understand my way of communication, too, so they won't get defensive so much and so we won't have ....misunderstandings.

I found this really great article about dealing with Cognitive Dysfunction (what I have with my MS) here .
One suggestion they have is to control your environment and also control the way other's communicate with you.  I hope it helps someone else out there going through the same things.  I hurts so bad to be misunderstood, not to mention it messes with my mental.  Keep me in your prayers, please.

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